About Me

Saga Foss is a creative and passionate person, one of the many millions of young people transforming the world around them with positive activism and creative content. While still a student at Georgia, Atlanta, they are beginning a career of growth and change and looking to make the world a better place.

They have already achieved real success in many fields, including helping free a person wrongly accused from prison. Their success story is a powerful reminder that real change can be achieved by people who are dedicated to doing what is right and staying focused on achieving real success.

Saga Foss' Life Goals

Born in Detroit and currently residing in Georgia, Atlanta, Saga Foss is working many creative fields and focusing on multiple life goals. They are focused not just on improving their life but on helping those around them. One of their biggest activities is activism, particularly for Black Life Matters and March for Our Lives, which they believe are important movements for social change.

Foss has already made a positive difference by joining and helping to lead the Free Grace Movement in Detroit. This protest focused on a 15 year-old girl who was wrongly detained for not completing her homework. Their overnight protest helped to get the young girl released, after she had been detained for several months. It is peaceful protests like these that Foss most heavily supports.

Furthermore, Foss has also participated in the Free My People movement, an important legal initiative that has helped earn freedom for wrongly accused and imprisoned people of color. Foss supports multiple pro-black movements like these and hopes to turn these movements into national change. While a lot of progress has been made on these fronts, they believe more could be done.

Creative Endeavors That Bring Foss Joy

Over the years, Saga Foss has identified multiple creative endeavors that bring them great joy. These include crocheting, which is a useful art that can be used to make clothes, blankets, and much more. However, they are also skilled in painting and drawing and have sold multiple pieces of art, which gives them great satisfaction. The money doesn't matter much to Foss, but making someone else happy does.

Furthermore, Foss is also a digital artist with years of experience in Photoshop. This platform has allowed them to create fantastic digital art, including gorgeous landscapes. They have also used Photoshop when creating various websites or when working on films. Foss has also used these skills in photography and videography formats, creating short films on YouTube and other platforms.

Beyond these creative endeavors, Saga Foss is also interested in philosophy and poetry, and has written multiple poems examining deep spiritual concepts and black liberation. All of their creative work is focused on the suffering of the African American people in America and is designed to help highlight their plight, raise awareness, and achieve active social change.

This dedication has linked Saga with their generation in many ways. Social change and progressive thought have become critical for many in their peer group. They believe strongly in the 60s idealism that helped actualize change in that decade. By using their natural skills, Saga hopes to not only showcase the challenges of black America but change minds about what can be done about it.

Philanthropic Goals and Successes

Beyond actively campaigning for better treatment of African Americans and continually raising awareness of multiple social issues, Saga Foss is also engaged in multiple philanthropic goals. They have given money to multiple charities over the years, including Black Life Matters and other movements. Foss was heavily responsible for transportation and care of those in the Free Grace protest. Many within this group needed help during the protest, including food, child care, and other vital life support.

Their most recent philanthropic donation was $1,000 to Jaheim McMillan's family. This young man was shot and struck by police officers and later died after being taken off life support. McMillan was just 15 years old when he passed away. Foss gave money directly to his family to help pay for financial bills, as well as legal costs for pursuing a case against the Mississippi police officer who shot him. This money came at an important time in the case and helped McMillan's family stay financially solvent.

Saga Foss strongly believes in philanthropy and helping support their community as much as possible. They understand that people have to live day-to-day lives and that for people like McMillan's family, trying to pursue legal justice can be costly and even devastate their financial health. By providing some support, Saga shows her community the importance of sticking together, helping to lift each other up, and taking other steps to fight injustice in whatever form it takes in their lives.

Where Saga's Life May Go From Here

With so much of their life ahead of them, Saga Foss could do just about anything that they wanted. With a proven track record of activism success, creative skills in multiple areas, and the kind of dedication needed to succeed in a challenging world, Foss provides inspiration to all who meet them and is an example of how younger generations can fix the mistakes or older ones and make the world a better place to be.

While they know that change doesn't happen overnight, they believe in the sustainability of progress and the role that all generations should take in improving the world around them. The route that Saga takes to achieve this change could vary in many ways. They have expressed interest in increasing activist activities, including helping wrongfully accused people get their freedom.

Saga has also shown interest in using multiple content platforms to spread important messages about social change. For example, they plan on continuing to create new films and produce art that highlights the plight of African Americans. They also plan on finding work with non-profits that help actualize real progress and make America the kind of country that they're proud to call home.


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