The Project:

Foss Maritime brought a semi-submersible ship carrying the nation’s largest floating drydock, the Vigorous, up the Willamette River to Vigor Industrial’s Portland, Oregon shipyard. Two Foss tugs, the Pacific Escort and the Tiger 9, now named the Kalama, assisted one of the world’s largest heavy-lift ships, the Blue Marlin, and its oversized drydock cargo safely upriver and on schedule. Foss also participated in the removal and placement of the drydock with the use of two barges.

Services Provided:

  • Harbor Services
  • Ship Assist and Escort
  • Terminal Services


  • The Vigorous drydock is 960 feet long when fully assembled
  • The massive drydock weighs 24,000 LT, with a lifting capacity of 80,000 LT
  • The drydock was built at China’s ZPMC Qidong shipyard, beginning in early 2013 and delivered to Vigor in late 2014
  • Foss assisted in the positioning of the first vessel to be drydocked on the Vigorous, the SS Algol – a massive 936 foot long cargo ship designed to ferry up to 700 army vehicles, including tanks, trucks and helicopters